Mindsphere – IoT (Internet of Things)

Mindsphere – IoT (Internet of Things)

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is happening at a rapid rate. Digitalization is gradually used to operate and manage the production and business in order to achieve the most optimal efficiency in the shortest time. Digital solutions will help reduce operating costs, flexibility in decision making and efficiency in production management, thereby creating competitive values ​​for businesses.

With the ability to analyze, connect, and data, MindSphere tools help companies exploit their full data potential and turn it into a business advantage for the company.


MindSphere is a cloud-based open-to-everything operating system developed by Siemens that connects your products, factories, systems and machines, thereby allowing you to make full use of data generated from this Internet of Things (IoT) Network of Things through advanced analytics.
Operating system with open IoT platform
MindSphere offers a variety of enterprise system and device connectivity protocol options, industrial applications, advanced analytics, and an innovative development environment that leverages both Open PaaS capabilities (Platform-as). -a-Service or Platform as a Service) from Siemens along with access to cloud services AWS (Amazon Web Services).
Through these capabilities, MindSphere connects real things to the digital world and provides powerful industrial applications and digital services that drive business success.
Siemens offers business-focused solutions that help drive closed innovation through digital replication for products, manufacturing processes, and work efficiency.
Mindsphere Solution Architecture

Siemens offers MindSphere IoT operating system as a service platform (PaaS), a cloud-based service that allows customers to develop, run, and manage their applications without complexity. of building infrastructure or managing complex software. With infrastructure managed on cloud computing platforms, businesses take advantage of infinite computing and storage scalability, to be able to meet the needs of businesses in the shortest possible time. in the age of global digitalization. Platforms can automatically stream data at the required rate according to the amount of content data and the number of connected users. With features on Mindsphere, it is convenient to provide suitable cloud computing solutions for each different needs of the business at different times with reasonable costs.
Data collection connectivity

Mindphere allows data collection from a variety of data sources thanks to its open connectivity, including raw data sources from field sensors, or production data. analyzed from SCADA system, manufacturing machine control software, to data from ERP, MES systems, ... so that you can make the most of centralized big data, making it possible to apply. Analyze and process necessary data with the real needs of business based on cloud computing platform.

Mindsphere cloud computing is an information technology platform developed by Siemens, which is provided with hardware Gateway devices such as Simatic IOT 2050, Mindconnect Nano, or Edge Device software library to help collect and storing data in the cloud from an automated control system is extremely convenient and ensures all necessary security requirements, shortening application deployment time in accordance with actual needs. of the business.

Features of the interface and application features built on the Mindsphere platform

Mindsphere develops Cloud Foundry-based service platform that allows application development in many different programming languages ​​such as NodeJS, Python, .. (Backend) - HTML5, Javascript, CSS, ReactJS (Frontend). In addition, Siemens also provides low-code Mendix programming software to help application developers deploy their products to customers in the shortest time.

Application characteristics are information technology products with high requirements on the suitability of features, interfaces, as well as user experience for each industry and each specific requirement. Building applications on a variety of programming platforms and hardware devices such as PCs / laptops, mobile devices, supported by Mindsphere to help customers feel secure in visuals. and in accordance with the actual needs of the business.

Some practical applications are built on cloud computing platform Mindsphere
• Grid energy management application

EnergyIP is a leading grid energy management utility app. Solutions include meter data management, distributed energy management, customer interactions across terminals and mobile devices. It can integrate and process data from millions of distributed devices such as smart meters, remote terminals, inverters, automatic measurement data acquisition processes, monitoring, and control of sources. dispersed energy. Furthermore, EnergyIP provides an analytics platform based on modern technology and advanced analytics applications to leverage more value from existing data.
Benefits of EnergyIP:

  •  Manage data from millions of devices distributed in near real time.
  •  Efficient integration between IT applications and field equipment.
  •  Models show diverse data from collection devices.
  •  Two-way communication, closed loop.

Device performance analysis and management application.

MyMachines cloud-based MindSphere application monitors machine tools around the world for their availability and productivity at large and small production sites. It is easy for users to obtain transparency in the use and performance of the machine, which in turn can reduce costs and improve service and machine maintenance. Furthermore, machine tool builders can begin to develop new digital services. This application is especially suitable for customers using small and medium sized production (OEM) equipment.
• Application of controlling and collecting engine data using AR technology in augmented reality (developed by Estec)

With the cloud computing platform Mindsphere can meet the requirements of data analysis such as real-time, current, limit voltage, ... indicators measuring the efficiency of the device ( OEE), from which reports in the form of charts, visual tables, as well as excel files that help the operator to summarize the production system. New technologies such as augmented reality are continuously updated according to customers' application requirements, making it easier for customers to operate and check the technology line.

With countless utilities that are developed on cloud computing platform, Mindsphere is applicable to all industries such as: Cement, chemicals, food technology, pharmaceuticals, energy management. amount ...

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