Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Continuous Emission Monitoring System

ESTEC is HORIBA's system integration partner in Vietnam for automatic continuous emission monitoring  system (CEMS).

Our main activities include:
• Consulting, design, construction and installation of monitoring system according of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
• Providing suitable measuring and analyzing equipment for application information and customer requirements.
• Provide training services, guide the operation and maintenance of monitoring systems

The automatic continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) is a system installed to monitor parameters in the exhaust gas according to the current regulations on environmental protection such as flow, temperature, pressure. yield, residual O2, total dust, SO2, NOx, CO and other parameters depending on the specificationss of each industry stated in the report and the decision to approve the environmental impact assessment report or the environmental protection plan field is confirmed.

ESTEC supplies the following typical features:

Gas analyzer to measure the gas components: CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2. Horiba's equipment is originating from Japan. Authorized with accreditation certificates such as MCERT, TUV. The system uses the principle of air flow modulation, so it has long-term stability.

• Total dust meter. Durag equipment is originating from Germany. Authorized with accreditation certificates such as MCERT, TUV. The device uses an optical method to turbidity and dust concentration of the flue gas stream in the chimney. Integrated automatic cleaning system by air fan or compressed air for long-term stable operation.

• Measures the gas flow, temperature and pressure components. Durag equipment is originating from Germany. Certified with MCERT / TUV. The device uses the pressure difference principle to calculate the air flow velocity, from which the flow volume of the air flow will be determined. The device features a built-in temperature and pressure sensor for calculating mass flow under standard conditions.
• ESTEC is Horiba's partner. Therefore, the staff is trained and instructed by experts from Horiba. The price will be more competitive than in the market.

The picture of installing at Cafe Outspan Project

                                                        Picture of installation at factory located in Sugar Vietnam factory    

Benefits of customers when installing CEMS system:
• Helping customers proactively control the toxic parameters of emissions and adjust the production process, avoid causing environmental pollution, affecting production and the lives of the surrounding people.
• Contribute to effective environmental protection and comply with current Vietnamese laws on environmental protection.
• Easy maintenance, minimizing production downtime.
With a team of experienced and well-trained engineers, we are confident to be a provider of a comprehensive solution for exhaust gas monitoring systems. automatic and continuous waste dust (CEMS).

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