For a production line to be stable and continuous, equipment needs to be monitored, checked and maintained at the right time to increase the life of the equipment and ensure it is always ready.

ESTEC is Flender's partner in providing a solution to monitor the operating status of Flender reducers. The solution not only for the factory to monitor the vibration of bearings, but also to capture the overall operation of the reducer from torque, temperature, pressure, bearing vibration....From After that, the factory will have a plan to increase or decrease operating productivity accordingly and effectively.

With outstanding features such as:

  1. Early detection of reducer wear and abnormality during operation.
  2. Input shaft speed and torque can be monitored.
  3. Vibration signals from bearings, temperature, and operating pressure of the reducer are all closely monitored.
  4. Fully integrated solution for monitoring the most complex powertrains.
  5. If there is any potential failure of the reducer, the expert will send a report with in-depth analysis along with recommendations for action.
  6. Data is always recorded 24/24 and transmitted continuously with secure encryption to the Flender Expert Center for monitoring and analysis by experienced experts. Reports will be sent when anomalous activity is detected by experts with in-depth analysis along with recommendations for upcoming action.
  7. In the absence of potential defects detected, the report will be sent to the customer every 6 months.

Potential errors of the Gearbox when detected early will give the factory more time to prepare the necessary spare parts, plan the maintenance carefully and in the best way. The solution for monitoring the operating status of Flender reducers is applied in industries such as cement, mining, iron and steel, petrochemical refining, fertilizer, power plants, sugar mills, ... and boxes. Large size reducer installed for vertical mills, ball mills, separators, buckets, conveyors, presses, crushers, cranes, .... 

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