On the afternoon of December 22, 2020, ESTEC cooperated with the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park to hold a seminar on the topic "Disseminating a number of regulations for businesses - Applying technology 4.0 in operating properties. business and environmental protection ”at the Hall of the Management Board Building of the Management Board of Danang City. The seminar took place with the participation of representatives from Danang K.CNC Management Board, ESTEC's Board of Directors and experts from SIEMENS Vietnam Company, along with all over 180 guests present. event.

The purpose of the seminar is to inform enterprises on some issues of labor management - construction - environment, support for enterprises to update new technology, apply science and technology to increase efficiency of production and business activities and raising value chains for enterprises, thereby contributing to the development of Da Nang city.

The chair of this workshop was the participation of Mr. Pham Truong Son - Chairman and Mr. Tran Van Ty - Deputy Head of Management Board of Danang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones. Presenting the topics were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung - an expert in digitization with Head of Industry 4.0 Practise position and Mr. Tran Trung Hieu - Automation specialist from SIEMENS Vietnam Co., Ltd; Mr. Vuong Ngoc Hoang - Director of the company, and Mr. Tong Phuoc Thien - Business Director of the Digitalization Department of ESTEC.

Customers attending this seminar were mostly leaders of businesses operating in the Industrial Park and Da Nang industrial zones. Here the guests were listened to the Management Board sharing some notes on online submission, project evaluation report, labor management ... and instructed some common violations in the issue. environmental Protection. In addition, the guests were invited by experts from Siemens and ESTEC to share useful information about Smart Factory Model solutions using 4.0 technology, Digitalization and management. Smart manufacturing and automatic production planning system to help businesses access today's most advanced technologies in operating production and business, help improve productivity, reduce costs and help Business leaders make timely decisions.

ESTEC is the solution provider partner of Siemens in Vietnam. The team of ESTEC engineers pioneered the development of solutions and applications to meet the practical needs of industrial customers, help modernize technology, stabilize quality & improve efficiency, and optimize the use of energy.