On the afternoon of April 6, the webinar program "Digital Transformation in Enterprises" with Session1: "Digital Factory Operation Model" presented by Mr. Tong Phuoc Thien - CEO (COO) of ESTEC Digital was a great success. The seminar was broadcast live on the Microsoft Team platform and attracted the participation of a large number of leaders, managers at all levels as well as officials of many production enterprises to attend and interact directly with the company. Speakers.

Besides introducing an overview of the digital factory operation model, ESTEC Digital's experts also had the opportunity to exchange and clarify problems in the digital transformation model at enterprises. As well as providing a methodology to help businesses shape how to deploy smart factory solutions and suggestions on the necessary infrastructure to transform in today's industry...

The webinar program "DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN BUSINESS" will continue with more in-depth topics for each necessary digital solution to support digital transformation businesses to focus on providing solutions. Comprehensive digitization solutions to support businesses to transform in the digital industry.

The next seminar will be held at 14h00 on 12/04/2023 with the topic "MIS Production Information Management System" presented by Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ESTEC. Participating in the seminar, customers will have more valuable information to improve competitiveness, optimize production processes and significantly reduce paper costs, etc.

To follow the speaker's sharing, as well as participate in discussions and interactions in the seminar, interested customers can register to attend the seminar at the following link: xsMQWP


Time: 14h00 - 15h00, Thursday 12/04/2023

Event format: Online Webinar via Microsoft Team

Link to join: (Participation link will be emailed when you register to attend)

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