SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition is an industrial automation management system with supervisory control and data acquisition functions. The SCADA system starts to become the “backbone” of many modern industries when PLC – Programmable Logic Controller was developed and integrated in the early 1970s.

Since then created the technology platform for enterprises to enhance management and process control automation as well as helping the operators to analyze the data accurately in order to timely make important decisions.

Now, the industrial revolution 4.0 is setting out a non - small challenges to industrial organizations, which is the same reason the automation control system is growing up rapidly and becoming a platform for the trend of digital era.

Siemens is one of the largest technology companies in Europe, simultaneously the pioneer company in automation and software automation for areas such as: Infrastructure, energy, process industry and assembly industry, etc. Siemens is also one of the world's leading manufacturers in energy saving and resource saving technologies.

In Vietnam, ESTEC is the solution partner of Siemens in consulting, deploying PLC - SCADA automation solutions from the selection of hardware and software product to meet customer requirements.

Systems PLC - SCADA of Siemens brings the values of Efficiency – Scability – Innovation - Openness.


With PLM and MES, the automation solutions PLC - SCADA is part of the Digital Enterprise Suite, which adds a comprehensive solution to Siemens' operation and control management system for the company towards industry 4.0.

Solution PLC – SCADA: TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation)

With this solution, STEP 7 Ver. 5.x and WinCC Ver. 7.x is a traditional tools and are not new to the modern development of industrial automation systems. Since 2010, Siemens has provided and continuously developed the TIA Portal solution (Totally Integrated Automation) is considered a powerful tool for automation systems for digital  enterprises.

WinCC is the HMI (Human Machine Interface) program combined with STEP 7 Manager software to support programmers to design human-machine interfaces and control systems.

WinCC is used to operate the screens display and provide the functional module to adapt to its industry such as: Show the graphics, messages, archives and report… The program has friendly control interface, quick access object control and safety of the archive.

Solution PLC – SCADA: TIA Portal

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA Portal) provides complete access to the control equipment of automation system, from planning and integrating design to the operation of the transparency of the control system.

In fact, both solutions use Siemens' WinCC program for monitoring, data acquisition and control the automation system of production processes.

The extended functions of WinCC:

As below is the screen operation of the Project applies PLC - SCADA which ESTEC has developed for TETRA PAK and GREENFEED.

ESTEC is the solution partner of Siemens in consulting, deploying Automation Solutions PLC – SCADA to meet the technical requirements, the production technology of factories and industries. With team of experience engineers in many industries and up-to-date technology from Siemens, ESTEC is confident to be a provider of leading solutions for PLC – SCADA, please contact us immediately for detailed consultation. 

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